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One-on-one counseling provides an opportunity to openly discuss your thoughts, feelings and issues of the past and present so that you can make healthy and positive changes for your future. Psychotherapy can enhance self-growth and self-actualization as you uncover the layers that create who you are and ascertain who you would like to be (i.e.: a non-worrier). You will work on recognizing and resolving barriers that inhibit you from feeling happiness, peace, self-esteem, compassion and much more. Therapy offers you a journey of healing, change and growth as you become more conscious about yourself (beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, etc.). If you are looking to improve your moods, self-esteem/self-confidence, repair communications or a relationship, work on an addiction, decrease your stress, anxiety and codependency or receive support for some other issue, psychotherapy can be a great avenue for finding resolutions to your problems. It can be very freeing and empowering to talk with an empathic / non-judgmental professional that understands what you are going through so that you can attain the goals you wish to accomplish.


Creating happier and healthier intra and interpersonal relationships!!!!

There are many different types of family therapy. As Cori individualizes each family session more than one method may be utilized in order to best help the family. Family Therapy focuses on relationship patterns and interactions between family members; how problems are created and maintained by familial dynamics and/or rewards. Families are interconnected and transactional where the actions of one family member automatically affect the others.

Family therapy is the catalysts in which new skills and strategies are taught and utilized helping the family interact in healthier ways to solve the various problems occurring in their lives. During sessions, communications patterns, roles of each member and the relations between parent/parent and child/parent will be examined and modified.

There are typical life transitions that each family goes through in addition to their own unique familial challenges. Often times, Corri will give assignments for the family to complete and/or individual assignments for each member providing further opportunity for positive change. The goals during some sessions are to create new cognitive and behavioral patterns that are then utilized in outside settings. Sometimes, Corri role plays with family members presenting direct, alternative behaviors which, allows the family to practice, learn and continue to grow in order to successfully accomplish all of their goals. 


 YOU have the power to enhance your relationship and make positive changes!!!! 

Corri utilizes various techniques to help individuals improve, repair or rebuild their relationship while discussing issues in a constructive, non-accusatory manner. Some focus areas include: respect, honesty, processing strengths/weaknesses, lack of resolutions to disagreements and faithfulness. The couple will learn how and where communications can be improved so that negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors and issues from the past can be resolved. The couple will develop a stronger, happier and intimate connection while truly enjoying present and future events.

Many people enter relationships with baggage from the past such as not knowing how to regulate emotions, lacking forgiveness, remaining stuck with negativity/anger, etc. Corri helps to educate the couple that each plays a part in their current circumstances. Often times, each partner will need to tweak his/her thinking and/or modify some behaviors. Recognizing these roles as well as how the relationship is impacted from them will be explored so that new healthier patterns can be created in order to enjoy a much more satisfying, honest and loving relationship. 

Knowledge is power and open, honest communication is a key to developing an incredible relationship. The couple will examine their styles of communication and interactions as well as common things to avoid when discussing issues. The couple will learn coping skills to solve ongoing problems in order to break unhealthy patterns while finding greater levels of intimacy and understanding. 

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