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Corri has worked with children four an older and recognizes their unique emotional and behavioral needs. She understands child developmental stages and realizes for younger children it can be very difficult for them to verbalize feelings or emotions.  

Play therapy is a main tool utilized which provides children opportunities to convey what’s going on with them or to them. Coloring books, drawing, games and dolls are helpful ways for children to safely express what is occurring in their lives. 


Adolescence is a time of feeling overwhelmed, with rapidly changing emotions and behaviors. Being “on the same page” is imperative in truly being able to help and support clients. Developmentally, teens are egocentric and self-centered (everything is about them) which helps them on the journey of becoming independent individuals. Separating themselves from family is an important task during the teen years. 

Corri understands and respects teen's opinions providing them with an atmosphere conducive to learning coping skills such as how to better handle stressors that evolve and making healthy choices. Corri helps teens improve their self-esteem and become more insightful.  

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides the opportunity for individuals to share experiences and for members to recognize that they are not alone; others have experienced similar situations. Group therapy creates a sense of cohesiveness and belonging. It is a great avenue and environment for individuals to feel assimilated and supported while also helping others. Group therapy is designed to encourage communication, trust and insight. It can be a restorative process as well as a very empowering experience.   

There are two main types of groups.

1) Psycho-educational Group Therapy - The goal of a psycho-educational group is to educate and provide a solid knowledge base to its members on specific subject topic(s). These groups are typically structured to provide information, resources and support.    

2) Process-Oriented Group Therapy - A process oriented group focuses on the actual experience of being in a group, by expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences in the present moment. The group process is the catalyst in building trust, respect and creating positive changes where true healing can begin.    

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